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G O Brien Waste Management Sunderland

Sailstar 100kg Industrial Washing Machine, Huebsch 2 X 77kg Industrial Gas Dryers

Further Details

Our wagons collect over 5000kgs of recycled clothing every week, it needs to be washed and dried quickly and efficiently.

With our existing machines proving to be under sized and unreliable, we decided to research in to selecting a large capacity washer and dryer. With a contractual commitment to process such a large amount every week, we wanted the most reliable equipment available within our budget. We were also concerned that should the machines break down, we needed a supplier that would respond quickly and get them working again. After researching the market and speaking to several different suppliers, we had a meeting with Pee Gee.

After a practical demonstration of the machines, I was impressed with the knowledgeable advice we received, and the obvious emphasis placed on after sales service.

Following a senior management meeting we decided to order a 100kg capacity Sail Star Industrial Washing Machine and two 80KG Capacity Huebsch Tumble Dryer. From both a cost point of view and the confidence we have in dealing with a long established local company, I am sure we made the right choice in selecting Pee Gee.

Phil Lockney G O Brien Waste Management