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Wear Referrals Veterinary Hospital

1 X Lavamac 18kg High Efficiency Washing Machine 1 x ADC 23kg Gas Heated Tumble Dryer

Further Details

Wear Referrals is a state of the art veterinary hospital that provides a range of clinical services spread over multiple disciplines. Our multi million pound investment in 2015 has ensured that we will remain a centre of excellence in our field. With a high risk of infection to our sick animals we make infection control in our laundry an absolute priority. Having received several proposals from alternative laundry equipment suppliers, we selected Pee Gee, a company local to us. They specified and installed the machines as promised, together with bespoke infection control wash programmes, and a detergent dosing system. We have both washer and dryer covered under a service contract with Pee Gee, so if we do encounter a problem I have confidence that it will be dealt with without any delay. Overall an excellent job done by Pee Gee. Stacy Burleigh Hospital Manager